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 Welcome to the second issue of, Oak Leaves, Version 2, Number 2. It is seriously under construction at this time (July, 2001) and what you are looking at is simply a temporary device to hold the web site and to analyze the conversion from the WYSIWYG programme to the web page. You would (or maybe you wouldn't) be surprised by the number of things which do not turn out as they were intended.
  This issue is called, The Descendants of Robert Flewelling of North Castle, and is meant to be (I believe) a first ever attempt to summarize what is know of that large segment of the Flewelling/Flewwelling/Flewwellin/Flewellin/Flewellyn/Fluelling family.
  This work would not be possible without the assistance of a number of family members, but one deserves special mention; Queen McCulloch Perry. In the middle of the 20th century, Queenie pulled together many loose elements of the history of the Flewelling and allied families. Her work formed one of the nuclei upon which many of us have based our own research. At the time, the Flewellings were peripheral to the main thrust of her work, and she was unable to give full attention to the development of her findings. While I may take issue with some of her conclusions, I cannot over-estimate the value of her discoveries which did much to define lines of research.
  Since May, 2001 I have been aided by a number of friends and relatives, and the information in this site has grown. This means that I have had to take time to make the corresponding amendments, which has delayed completion. In any case, why not click on R above to go to the opening comments on Robert. The other links will take you to his children as they are done.

Oak Leaves Version 2, Number 2
Thomas A. Murray